We've worked with a number of industries and we'd love to work with you. Check out the samples below and let's see what is of interest then we'll work with you to either rebrand existing videos or create a custom video for your business.

Whiteboard Videos Whiteboard Videos Character Explainer Logo Openers Typography

Whiteboard Videos

Are you looking for cool whiteboard videos that explains to visitors what your site is all about? Then this type of video is for you. It's simple and easy to understand.

Character Explainer

Are you a business owner and looking to get more people to go to your site and place of business? Character Explainer videos such as this one help you to connect with your visitors.

Logo Openers

One of the things that's pretty hot in the video branding space right now are Logo Openers. They add flair and give your product a good branding presence.


Typography videos are HOT! And they're easy to follow and understand. Flash your words in an elegant and unique way with these types of videos.

Flat Presentation Flat Presentation Lower Thirds Sketch Whiteboard Explainer

Flat Presentation

One of the hottest design trends is flat. It's clean and relays your messages effectively. If you want your visitors to stick around and know more about you then try this style. It works!

Lower Thirds

Ever seen those professional video designs that has an elegant lower thirds? In video talk that's the lower part of your video where you can put in info such as your name, website, etc.


Sketch videos are trending. It's simple, quirky and fun and certainly appeals to your viewers. Couple that with an excellent voiceover, then you have a heck of a video.

Whiteboard Explainer

It's effective. Whiteboard explainer videos gets your message across in white. These are videos that everybody understands and everybody stays put and finishes.